The Advocates

Advocates are your personal Culinary Health Fund “helpers.”

They can help you get answers about your Culinary medical, dental, vision, and prescription benefits. They can also help with eligibility requirements and can explain what it takes to keep your coverage active.

Learn about other great CHFtoo programs by calling the Advocacy group at 702-691-5665, or email

Carmen Cheung
Chinese and English

I like to help people, especially our participants. In my position, I help participants better understand their benefits and to use them wisely. They are very hard-working, and they deserve the great benefits and services that we provide.

Aneia Hamberg
English, Spanish and Bulgarian

My motto is ‘Leave people and places better than you found them!’ I love my job. It gives me a chance to make someone’s world a better place. A healthy body is a blessing and education about it is a gift that I like to share.

Myrna Mendoza
Spanish and English

It’s important to me that our participants know how to use their benefits and it makes me happy to be able to help them achieve that goal.

Patricia Robles
English and Spanish

I enjoy building trusting relationships with our participants. I love helping them get the most out of their benefits. Being a resource to the community is very rewarding to me.

Araceli Saavedra
English and Spanish

Health benefits are confusing. That’s why I am here. My job is to help participants understand their benefits. I’m happy to help, and I enjoy being a friendly resource.