Copayments and Coinsurance

The Cullinary Health Fund pays for most of your health care costs. You may also have to pay a part of the costs.

What is the difference between a copayment and coinsurance?


A copayment or copay is a flat amount you may pay when you go to a doctor, pharmacy, or use a service. An example is a doctor’s office visit. Each time you go to the doctor, you will pay a copayment for the visit.


Coinsurance is the part of the total costs you may pay for a service or medicine. The amount you pay changes based on the type of service.


Copayment (Copay) or Coinsurance
Bill CHFtoo Pays Copay Bill CHFtoo Pays Coinsurance (20%)
$300 $280 $20 $300 $240 $60
Copayment (Copay)
Bill $300
CHFtoo Pays $280
Copay $20
Bill $300
CHFtoo Pays $240
Coinsurance (20%) $60