High blood pressure class

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is also known as “HBP,” “hypertension,” or “HTN.” It is a condition that causes your heart to work harder. It can lead to problems like stroke or heart attack.

What will I learn in high blood pressure class?

You will learn:

  • The signs of high blood pressure
  • What high blood pressure does to your body
  • The foods you shouldn’t eat when you have high blood pressure
  • How to lower your blood pressure
  • Small changes you can make in what you eat

Everyone who attends the high blood pressure class receives a free blood pressure monitor. It helps you monitor and control your blood pressure.

How do I sign up for a high blood pressure class?

To join a high blood pressure class, choose one of the dates from the schedule below. Then call our Advocacy Line to sign up. The number is 702-691-5665.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure can lead to many health problems. Learn how to control your pressure and live longer.
Date Time Language
January 27 4pm – 6pm English
February 6 4pm – 6pm English
February 10 1pm – 3pm English
February 24 1pm – 3pm Spanish
February 25 10am – 12pm English
February 25 2pm – 4pm Spanish
February 27 4pm – 6pm Spanish
March 4 9am – 11am English
March 4 1pm – 3pm Spanish
March 5 4pm – 6pm English

Where to go

Culinary Health Center

650 North Nellis Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

Just north of Stewart

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