Mental health and addiction

If you are feeling sad, stressed, or if your problems are affecting your family and/or your job the mental health and addiction program can help.

What is the Mental Health & Addiction Program?

It's a team of

Areas we can help you with

There are also services available for people with disabilities, including those who are blind and deaf.

How much will it cost?

Service Copay
Therapy sessions (Does not include psychologists or psychiatrists)
  • You will not have a copay for your first 5 visits (per problem).
  • After your first 5 visits, you will have a $15 copay.
If you need to stay in a hospital
  • $250 copay per hospital stay.

Where do I go for services?

You can use our provider directory to find a mental health provider near you.

Coping with Depression Class

We offer a class that can help you better understand mental health issues and how to treat them. Click here to learn more about our Coping with Depression Class.